Richard Armitage Excitement Has Disappeared, Etc…

6fb6c1700fd153a2b0863b8d20218a35Well, I guess it was bound to happen at some point.  My extreme excitement and near obsession with Richard Armitage is gone.  This does not mean that I am no longer a big fan, or find him as handsome as ever.  It simply means that Xenia has landed back on her feet and needs to move on, for the most part at least.  It started last September when I returned to school to complete my degree after so many years.  I was too engrossed in, and swamped with my studies to put much energy into thinking about Richard.  I just wanted to do well in school.Continue Reading

A Harlem New York Brownstone Townhome

NYC TownhouseI saw photos of this brownstone this morning.  It is amazing to me that there are people who still do not appreciate these beautiful structures.  My understanding is this building was purchased last year by an investor and is now being flipped.  There is no way that I would sell a home like this.  I would have to fix it and live in it myself.

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MuDaddy Flats

Mudaddy Flats 2Yesterday I left my house in the late morning to buy a new pair of sneakers.  It did not take long to accomplish that, but it was so beautiful outside that I stayed out for most of the day.  It was an absolutely gloriously gorgeous day!  At around 4:00pm I headed to a new restaurant to Troy to get dinner.  I did not feel like cooking, soContinue Reading

Black Victoriana: Part Two

African American men I received an overwhelming response to the blog post Black Victoriana, so I decided to post more photos of African Americans from way back when.  My Black Victoriana post, to date, has received the most views and comments of any other blog post that I have ever done since starting my blog in 2011.  My other posts do not even come anywhere near the views and comments that Black Victoriana has received.  My main reason for posting those photos is because I wanted people to see African Americans from the late 19th and early to middle 20th century in a different light.  It is a way that is how we represented ourselves daily back in the day.  We are not a group of people who mostly grew up in ghettos, turned to drugs and did not care about educating ourselves.  The reality was quite the opposite.Continue Reading

Pictures Of My Recent Pier Mirror Aquisition

my eastlake pier mirrorLast week I blogged about a pier mirror that I purchase at a bargain price.  You can read all about it HERE.    I did not include a photo of it in my initial post, but here it is now.  This mirror is now in my dining room.  It is a Victorian Eastlake pier mirror, and is at least 150 years old.

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