Open Kitchen Shelving

I am a big fan of open kitchen shelves.  To me it brings a warm, cozy feel to a kitchen.  It can also be very inviting and make you and everyone else love being in the kitchen.

I love the blueware on the first two shelves and then the lighter colored items up on top of this open kitchen shelf.  It is not only pretty, but also adds focal point interest.
The metal shelves against the backdrop of white prevents the shelves from looking cold.  This is beautiful.
 Nice open space.
In my own kitchen I have rice, quinoa, beans, sugar, flour and other dry goods in jars on open shelving on both sides of my stove.
Very cute and colorful

Oh my!  This kitchen is so elegant.
I want to quickly add that open shelving is also a heck of a lot CHEAPER than custom-made cabinets.
I hope that I have inspired you to consider open shelving for your kitchen renovation.

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    These pictures are very inspiring. With that much shelving I might actually be able to keep my millions of dishes! 😉 These are some fabulous looks.

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