Richard Armitage And Those Sex Scenes BTS

Richard Armitage as Paul Andrews in Between The Sheets (2003)
The inspiration for this blog post came to me after I read a post on another blog called (R)Ailment.  Unfortunately this blogger has since deleted her blog.  Apparently there are Richard Armitage fans who have been chastising other fans for ogling him.  These people seem to believe that ogling RA’s body is reducing him to body parts and is very disrespectful to him.  Richard Armitage should be seen as much more than a symbol of sex.  RA is a very talented British actor and with that comes a certain distinction.  Well, I do agree that Richard Armitage is a very talented British actor and should be seen as much more than a symbol of sex.  However, I think these accusations are unfair.
Richard Armitage is obviously a very handsome man from the top of his gorgeous head to the tip of his toes.  Who in their right mind would not love looking at such a superb male specimen?  I mean really; let’s be serious here for a minute..  It is natural for both men and women to admire beauty when we see it.  It does not necessarily mean that we are being disrespectful.  Since the subject was brought up though, let’s go over a few facts that the “moral minority group” seem to be overlooking.

Exhibit A, B and C are screen caps from a miniseries called Between The Sheets that Richard Armitage performed in back in 2003.  The screen caps show Richard Armitage playing the role of Paul Andrews having sex with his screen wife Alona.  I have not seen this production.  Well, let me clarify.  I have seen bits and pieces of it on You Tube, but not the whole thing in its entirety.  In Between The Sheets, there are scenes containing complete nudity as you can see from the screen caps.

You can actually see what is going in on this scene by clicking HERE and scrolling down.  I have seen these screen caps before but before today, I never saw this scene in action mode.  I admit that my eyes got real big when It saw.

This screen cap shows “Paul Andrews” getting his ass massaged during a sex scene.  Remember, this is Richard Armitage’s ass.
Here is a screen cap of Richard Armitage playing Lucas North in Spooks.  I have seen all the episodes of Spooks that Richard is in, so I did see this scene.  Lucas North is stripping down completely and you get a full body length view of Richard’s back completely nude.  This scene is quite alluring.  I will leave you to wonder if I hit the replay button.
I do not take Richard for a fool.  This proper British actor is a grown man who knows exactly what he is doing.  RA obviously consented to do these scenes and I am sure he is well aware of the kind of thoughts these actions will illicit in the minds of some people.  It is also very possible that Richard does not mind being thought of in a sexual way.  The fans do not know him personally, but we tend to project what we want onto Richard.  Many of his fans conclude that RA is shy and bashful, which is something I never assumed about him.  A lot of fans prefer to see him as being a bashful bloke who needs protecting.
Now, I have to admit that I wish Richard never did those scenes in Between The Sheets, but he did, I accept it and do not admire him any less.  Generally speaking, I am not thrilled about a few of his past projects because it seems like he was accepting any role just to get acting jobs.  Acting is a burning desire within Richard and I have not walked in those shoes, so I will not judge.   I know that I couldn’t have done it though.  Can you imagine being completely nude and simulating sex in front of an entire film crew?
Anyway, like other fans of Richard Armitage, I have my own ideas of how I view him.  To me, Richard is not bashful at all, has been well brought up by his parents so he possesses impeccable manners and doesn’t brag about himself.  He is charming and has a “Presence” about him that draws people to notice him.  On his own Richard does not seem to have a good sense of fashion, therefore he has to be shown how to put clothes together well.  Apart from being an actor, I see a man who is a loner who prefers solitude when away from his craft.  This need for solitude could make being in a relationship a challenge for him.  Women need attention and lots of it when we are in a relationship.
To me Richard Armitage also has what it takes to be a legend in his own time.  Richard has to make sure that he chooses his roles wisely from here on in.  When I think of actors like Cary Grant and Gregory Peck I would love to see Richard gain the same type of timeless respect.
I wonder what Richard thinks now of his earlier roles before he did North & South.  If RA had it to do over again would he appear in Between The Sheets?
  The Divine Miss M – Better Midler
I remember Bette Midler being interviewed many years ago on television.  Midler had just given birth to her daughter Sophie, and I remember her saying that she would not want her daughter to see some of the work she did in her early years.  When you have a child some of your views change and you think back on some things that you did realizing you didn’t make the best choices.  If Richard has children would he be comfortable with them seeing his earlier work?  Would he be more selective in choosing roles if he does have a child?  I feel that Bette Midler has risen way above anything she may regret doing in the past because she is so talented.
Sharon Stone
 I don’t think that Sharon Stone ever shed her “Basic Instinct” image.  Her name for years was synonymous with female genitalia.  Who does not remember her crossing her legs in the movie Basic Instinct,  revealing that she didn’t have on any panties.  That one scene reverberated around the world and maybe was far-reaching into her personal life as well.
Richard doesn’t need to be naked to be thought of as a symbol of sex.  Millions of women fell in love with Richard Armitage fully clothed and wearing a cravat.  To me John Thornton has way more sex appeal than Paul Andrews.   I didn’t even find those sex scenes in Between The Sheets particularly appealing.  For me it is more like soft porn.  The kiss at the end of North & South held a lot more bang because it was romantic and about two people deeply in love finally connecting on a soul level.

Your Charming Comments

  1. Alexandria says

    I throughly enjoyed reading your blog, I have to admit that I have never heard of Richard Armitage until I saw the Hobbit movies. I have loved him since the first time I saw him on screen and when he sang the Misty Mountain song I just about lost it. His beautiful piercing eyes, and his deep baritone voice and handsome face intrigued me and I wanted to know more about the actor behind the dwarf king, Thorin Oakenshield. He stole the entire Hobbit movie, a very close second was the elf king Thranduil played by Lee Pace lol. I was so enarmoured with Richard Armitage after leaving the theater where I saw the Hobbit I began to google Thorin Oakenshield and info on Richard Armitage. I’ve read every article, every interview, video on Youtube etc that I could possibly find about Richard, I love how humble, sweet and kind he is. He’s gentle and a bit shy and becomes genuinely embarrassed when he’s called a sex symbol but that’s part of his job being a sexy handsome actor, he’s a hearthrob ! As a noob to Richard Armitage I’ve noticed that he has a very strong, loyal, caring, loving and protective fan base. I was on Youtube channel the other day, watching a interview Richard did and ofc the comments were all ooh he’s so gorgeous, so handsome, cute, beautiful eyes, sexy body etc. He was being oogled lol, there was only two negative comments from two jealous guys who said something along the lines of “girls are so stupid” lol and I noticed that the owner of the channel actually commented I’m paraphrasing ” there’s more to Richard than his looks, did you all just come here to say he’s hot, some people actually want to learn from him” lol I thought that was kinda funny but it can’t be helped he’s gorgeous and people can’t help admiring his looks lol but yes I agree there is more to Richard than his looks. I also enjoyed watching “Between the Sheets”, it was smutty but I’m not ashamed to say I enjoyed Richard’s sex scenes. I’m about to start watching North and South now, looking forward to watching everything Richard has ever worked on.

    • Xenia says

      Hello Alexandria,

      Welcome to the wonderful world of Richard Armitage. When I first saw him in North and South, I did the same thing you are doing now. I was Googling Richard like crazy. I was so eager to learn all about him. I have since calmed down a lot about Richard, but I will always be a big fan.

      I would love to know what you think of Richard’s performance in North and South.

  2. lisa says

    I am not sure about the actor’s point of view, but as an actress, I would think being totally nude with someone and simulating sex would have to be pretty uncomfortable and awkward. They must have had a pretty close working relationship to just let it all ‘hang’ out there and be so close physically. I might also add that I would take her place in a minute. lol!! A whole new side of Richard Armitage :))

  3. P. says

    O, and I never thought that scene from Spooks ep 8.4 was alluring. It is one of my favorite episodes, but not for that naked butt. I found the scenes between Lucas and Darchavin so intense, so captivating, so nauseating in it’s power struggle, so sad for Lucas to see him remember and almost physically relive the horrors of his time in Russia, that I never even took a second look when the clothes came off to be honest. It’s such a non-sexy scene, Lucas is visibly scared, even shivering, which made a huge impression on me, as Lucas wasn’t the kind of guy to be scared easily I thought. I could only think “damn, this man, this calm, short, apparently pretty civilized little man, must have had a tremendous mental and physical power over Lucas back then. And he still does”. The butt didn’t even register. It did though when I re-watched the ep :-). It’s nice, but I still love that episode, and that particular confrontation scene between those two men, for a whole different reason. The nudity never took over the scene for me, or took anything away from it. Stripping Lucas was just a way for Darchavin to assert his power, and to avoid MI5 listening devices, obviously. He was pretty naked in the flashback scenes of the tortures too btw. Again, nothing remotely sexual there. Him being naked in those scenes did add a vulnerability that really hit home with me. Those scenes wouldn’t have worked as well with him clothed I think. It was so horrible to see Lucas (literally) so stripped of everything, so broken. I would have been totally ok if they’d done the almost-hanging-himself scene with him butt-naked too, but that probably was a bit too much skin for one episode.

    Not sure what I’m trying to say here, I guess that the nudity didn’t “do” anything for me in that butt scene, but neither did it take anything away from it. And for me, it enhanced the emotional impact of the flashback scenes. And RA sure knew what he did, he’s no fool. I think he never felt that those scenes were remotely sexual or sensual. Because they weren’t. So why not do them? For fear of being objectified in a sexual way? The scenes aren’t about that at all and he knew that. So I don’t see how he would have felt that doing them was wrong in any way.

    Sorry for the multiple posts, I just felt like commenting about it when I re-read your post and thought about that episode, which I absolutely love (Lucas is my favorite RA part, next to Monet and John Thornton in 3rd place). Again, should be sleeping so probably not making too much sense here :-)

  4. Lily says

    Yes, these actors know exactly what they are getting into when they go nakey. I’m still laughing (sorry, it’s true) that he did one of these nakey sex scenes with socks on. . . and his comments while thrusting (ahem, excuse me for saying that) were really stereotypical, not very romantic man stuff. Not sure if you saw that one before. Not even sure how I came across it online. But I found it more humorous than sexy. Maybe because it was kind of real like and vulnerable. But it made me cringe and laugh.

    • says

      The socks ruined the “look” of the scene, but I guess that is what the director wanted. Overall I thought the production was cheesy. None of the sex scenes had any quality to them as far as I am concerned. They lacked any element of love and romance and instead about getting naked to have sex.

      • Lily says

        Xenia, I’ll guess it was the director’s idea or either RA truly has cold feet (haha, literally and figuratively filming that scene)! I’m in total agreement that it was a cheesy production. If the director/writers of this “drama” had wanted to get across deeper meanings about true love and sexual dysfunction in relationships, then I think there was a total element of class and dignity missing. Because that was missing in the production, it was pretty much soap opera-style fodder for the common folks without any attempts to direct people to a deeper meanings. It’s more likely someone would choose to watch that it casually for it’s porno-stylings as opposed to intellectually engaging in it.

        Alona’s intense focus on sex was gross, if you ask me. She was gross and so very self-conscious about her own sexuality. She was not natural at all in her appearance, movements, and behaviors. Everything was contrived and controlled about her. . . it’s like she was working really hard to be sexy. (I don’t know if the actress did this on purpose. But that made it very porn-like too.) How could someone giving relationship/sex advice be so misguided? I guess in order to be the “expert”, she felt intense pressure to be ‘all that’ in bed. Nobody’s an expert, and it’s bizarre to think there are people out their who think they can become experts by following the advice of culturally-driven idealogues. Where’s the authenticity in a loving, sexual relationship when one chooses to put on the culture’s ideas? Quite frankly, I’m not sure why anybody would want to become an expert on techniques and such. . . self-esteem issues, perhaps? To me, there’s something awfully sweet about two fumbling people coming together not being “experts” – and perhaps being awkward due to concern and sensitivity for the other person – but betwixt the couple is a deeper attraction and love. Sex without this deeper mystery is gross. And BTS demonstrated that, I think. (I’m enjoying your blog.)

        • says

          I was turned off by Alona’s intense focus on sex. The entire production was intense focus on sex. I am not saying that sex is not an important part of a relationship. Physical intimacy is important, but when it seems to be the only focus or most of the focus is where I am not in alignment. I am also not in alignment when there is the absence of love. I know this may come off as extremely rigid and old fashioned to many people, but that is my story and I am sticking to it.

          I do believe that Alona loved her husband, but she put a lot of sexual pressure into the relationship. How she behaved in bed was also how she behaved overall in their relationship. Alona was making all the decisions and taking control of everything. In sex she never seemed to give her husband the opportunity to be the pursuer. The foreplay did not impress me. Foreplay, to me ,starts long before you even get horny. It is how you are treating one another throughout the day. This entire production for me is soft porn. I only watched it because Richard Armitage is in it and once is enough.

          • P. says

            I recently watched this again, and it made me laugh more than anything else it’s so cheesy. I never thought for a minute “poor little innocent Richard” was being used though. Come on, he was like, 32 or something when he did this? I read somewhere he never read the stage directions when he was sent the script. I felt that was a bit of a lame cop-out on his part. Come on Mr. Armitage, we know that you don’t just gloss over a script, you’re a very thourough actor! He wasn’t in a position to be very picky about roles back then, so he took this one, knowing fully what was requiered on the nudity front. And probably not being hugely proud of that particular role in hindsight, or very happy about being naked at the time. But who cares? Should we think any less of him for showing some (well, a lot :-) skin? It wasn’t gatuitous nudity, after all sex/sexual dysfunction was the main theme of the series. I don’t take offense at people having sex without love but just for lust either (though there seemed to be some love left between them, however screwed up things were). The series just was poorly written and filmed, including the sex scenes. It was cheesy to the point of being ridiculous. Though I must admit the bit where she plays with his bum was pretty cute (his face mainly, but his bum too LOL).

            I could handle the nudity perfecly fine (being European nudity doesn’t phase me one bit, we get loads on tv over here -sexual and non-sexual, certainly compared to the US. Americans seem to take offense of it rather easily), even though it wasn’t done particularly tastefuly or very sexy. It never made me cringe though, and I never thought “I wish he’d never taken this part” or thought any less of him because of it. It’s just a bit of a glitch in the beginning of his career, all actors have those. Bread doesn’t grow on trees you know. Nor do socks, and you have to keep those feet warm :-)

          • says

            I am aware that in Europe people have a lot less hang ups about nudity and sex onscreen. I don’t care for nudity just for the sake of it or for shock value.

            I don’t think any less of RA for taking the part in this film. We all have made decisions in our lives that were not exactly the most wise. And yes, he has to keep those feet warm. :-)

          • P. says

            Btw if he ever has kids I’m pretty sure they won’t sit down one day and think “hey, let’s watch everything Dad has been in, even this one old show called BETWEEN THE SHEETS (the name kinda gives it away here) where he told us he was doing a few awkward sex scenes”. Really? By the time his kids are old enough to think/ask about their Dad’s acting career, they’re probably old enough to ake the decision to NOT want to see their Dad with his clothes off banging away on telly LOL :-)

  5. says

    Happy Monday Gratiana!

    You know how much I love and adore writing about Richard Armitage. :-)

    I agree that Richard is fearless as an actor. That is a great way to describe it.

    Er….that was no pun. I meant to write elicit, but now I am glad I made the mistake and wrote illicit instead….LOL That is a great pun. Ha ha ha ha! No matter how many times I proof read my posts I always find mistakes after I publish them. Sometimes it works out and other times it doesn’t…LOL

  6. says

    Hi Xenia,

    Nice essay! Points well made. For me, Richard Armitage dressed head to toe in North & South–or any where else–is completely swoon worthy. Sighhh!

    And he is such an exquisitely talented actor and storyteller that I look forward to more character portrayals from him in the future. He is fearless as an actor–laying bare his emotions, and sometimes his tush. Giggles!

    Cheers! Grati ;->

    P.S. Loved your pun on “illicit” vs “elicit”. Ha!

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