"I am going to make everything around me beautiful. That will be my life." - Elsie de Wolfe

Failing Is Never Final


My first time around in college was straight out of high school.  The year was 1975 and I had just turned five years old 18 years old three weeks before starting college the first week in September of that year.  I did fine in high school, but college challenged me.  In hindsight I was not truly ready for college straight out of high school but, in a way, it did work out because those 52 credits that I earned at Brooklyn College cut in half the time I would have to spend earning my BS at SUNY Empire State College.Continue Reading

That Old Southern Flag

I really don’t like to get political here on my blog because people tend to be very passionate about their personal political ideologies.  However, I feel deeply moved to write this post because of the protests I see going on about the removal of the Confederate flag and denouncing the governor who had the smarts to have it removed……FINALLY    This is an act that should have taken place in 1865.

I think that many people simply do not know the true history of the Confederate flag, or maybe they do and simply do not care and are proud of the old south’s slave history.  These types of incidents, including the recent massacre in South Carolina, always tends to reveal closet racists all over the place.Continue Reading

Graduate School Update

Grad schoolI finally calmed down after weeks of higher education burnout.  As I approached the end of my undergrad I didn’t want ANYTHING TO DO WITH GRADUATE SCHOOL.  I was so totally fed up with academic reading assignments and writing long papers.Continue Reading

Glimpse My New Kitchen Tiles

Xenia kitchen 2Here are a few pictures of my new kitchen floor tiles.  My kitchen floor was never laid correctly, so it was slanted.  I finally found someone to fix the problem which required ripping up the entire floor and laying a new one down.  This also presented me with the opportunity to put down better quality floor tile and something that I really like.  For four days I had no kitchen floor.  I couldn’t cook because my gas stove had to be removed from the kitchen along with everything else.  It was a huge job, but my contractor was up for the challenge and he did a great job.  My kitchen floor is now super sturdy and level.Continue Reading

Mountie Monday And The Look Of LOVE

mountie mondayIn the season finale of When Calls the heart, Jack and Elizabeth are together in a closed mine looking for his dog Rip.  Rip doesn’t like thunder storms so if he can escape he hides in the mine.  Jack and Elizabeth talk out their issues while in there.  The way that Jack looks at Elizabeth is always so intense.  His eyes always has the look of love in them when looking at her, even when he is angry with Elizabeth he looks at her with love.Continue Reading